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Return of Mace Windu

The Return of Mace Windu?

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Even though he gets killed by Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Samuel L. Jackson is advocating for the Return of Mace Windu. And he just might get it since the number one rule of showbiz is not “the show must go on”, but rather “Samuel L. Jackson gets what he wants”. Even when he wants a purple lightsabre.

Anyhow, while appearing on “The Late Show,” he was asked by Stephen Colbert which character from his career he’d like to play again. Jackson responded that he’d like to play Mace Windu from the “Star Wars” prequels.

“I’d really love to give one more run at Mace Windu in ‘Star Wars,’” said that bad motherfucker.

return of mace windu
Darth Vader proved you can still be awesome without a limb or two.

The last time we saw Windu was during his duel with Chancellor Palpatine after discovering he was a Sith lord. Instead of coup de grace, Windu gets his hand chopped off by Anakin Skywalker – which is ironic. Palpatine then uses his force lightning to burn Windu to a crisp and tosses him out a window and into death, presumably.

Tis but a scratch, according to Jackson, that wouldn’t keep Windu down for long.

“I know you’re all in my corner on this. We all know Jedi can fall from incredible heights and survive, so apparently, I am not dead,” Jackson said. “Yes, I have two appendages right now, but we know the long and rich history of Star Wars characters reappearing with new appendages and being stronger and better than they ever were. Mace Windu is awaiting his return, let’s make it happen!” Jackson says.

Jackson has spent some time already advocating for his own return to a galaxy far, far away. He even asked the fans at a Star Wars Celebration in 2017 to “make it happen.” The actor has also said he’d be interested in a Mace Windu origin film, according to

On the one hand – ha ha, this is not as far fetched as it sounds. It is not a widely known fact, among non-geeks anyway, that Mace Windu was supposed to be the narrator of the original trilogy, according to early designs by Lucas. But, since old canon no longer applies, and we have these Disney abominations calling themselves Star Wars, this means little.

On the other hand, Jackson pretty much agreed to appear in Lucas’ Star Wars prequels on one condition – that he gets to have a purple lightsabre in a world with only blue, green and red lightsabers. So, he might again get what he wants…

And who knows, maybe a bit of Mace Windu is what would make those Disney’s abominations watchable.

What do you thinkg, would you like to see the Return of Mace Windu?

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