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7 Reasons why you Should Read the Chronicles of Amber

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If there’s one real gem among the good old fantasy series that most fans miss out on. Here are 7 reasons why you should read the Chronicles of Amber. If you’re like most fantasy fans, you might have heard of it, but you didn’t read it yet.

Read Chronicles of Amber

A friend recommended it to me some 10 years ago, so I gave it a try. And wow! It only took me some 2 days to read the original pentalogy, and my mind was completely blown. I’ll sum up why I think it so awesome below. Surely, there’s much more, but today I just want to share these main points with you.


It’s simply brilliant

It captures you from the very first page when the protagonist wakes up unconscious in a hospital. You will be on the edge while reading it, the excitement about what’s coming next is certain. There’s not a moment of bad writing. It is the series closest to perfection I’ve ever read. Loosely paraphrasing Shakespeare here and there, making up awesome syntagma, hinting at obscure but awesome scientific references – you are treated to it all.

It guides you through a amazing Universe

The world-building is superb. It develops the idea of parallel worlds, leading to a fight for the throne in the one real world and more. It is a rich rich rich World. Wherever you turn, you’ll find how full of incredible details and finely crafted it is. You learn about the World, or rather Worlds through a Prince’s point of view, while everyone is struggling for power

Characters are incredibly well-written

 Well, let’s just say it’s a about a bunch of demigods fighting for the throne of the one true World. They are incredibly cunning and crafty, tend to dislike each other. They feel so real. Every one of them.

There’s nothing quite like it

 The idea is as fresh as it gets, even almost half a century after the first publication. The way it is composed is a unique interpretation of influences coming from classical literature, political philosophy, quantum physics, folklore – and just about anything you can think of that’s awesome.

It’s dynamic from the first to the last page

 You will get hooked within the first 10 pages and hooked you will stay for the rest of your life. It’s like heroin, only it’s not really a narcotic and if you try to snort or inject it, you will ruin you copy – and if you had those ideas, dude, get some help.

It’s a short read

 It is definitely not an endless series. You can stop after the first series (some 700 pages), or you might read the second one as well. So, you can actually finish reading it before you would start a second book of a longer series. You will actually wish it was longer though – the book, you filthy animal.

You’ll came back to it again and again

 It never gets boring. You will always have something new to take away, despite of how well you might think you know the storyline. At least, I know that how it was for me.



So, I honestly suggest you to stop whatever you are doing now and read the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny. Or, if you are that busy, simply get a copy, wait for a rainy weekend and then jump into it. The payoff in terms of sheer pleasure is immeasurable. Chances are you’ll be delighted you’ve discovered it.

Feel free to write or comment and let me know how and why you liked it, and maybe I will give you another recommendation. 😊

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