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new faction factory horn of the abyss

HotA: A preview of the new faction Factory

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Not so long ago, we saw the first decent gameplay leak that shows the new faction Factory, in the best and most popular mod for Heroes of Might and Magic III Horn of the Abyss. Needles to say, Heroes of Might and Magic III are by far the best installation of the series which is still played and improved every year. But the biggest thing is that we finally saw live gameplay that involves the new faction Factory. Take a look, it only lasts about minute and a half.

To the untrained eye, the video covers only a few details. But if we take a closer look we might see that there is much more than meets the eye at first. First of all, let me take a moment to say that the Factory looks frickin’ awesome. It falls right into the place with the other factions/towns and doesn’t trebuchet you from the experience that HoTA is all about. I love how the guys working on this great mod aren’t just filling in new content with no regard to the visual style of the original.

Quite the contratry, they meticulously work on the new additions almost as if working pixel by pixel just, so every character, hero, town, structure or unit came with the original game. Heck, they even gave more attention to detail than the 3DO itself. Big respect for the HoTA developers, may their work on our favorite game be long and successful. After this overlong marriage proposal to HoTA and Heroes of Might and Magic itself, let’s look of what can we expect from the factory.

new faction factory horn of the abyss
The new faction Factory features terrain from Heros of Might and Magic II.

First off, they take cues from western cities with quite a bit of steampunk tech all around. Looks good, and we can see that this looks more advanced than the Cove city. For the uneducated, the city itself lays on the wasteland terrain type which was absent in the original game. But it isn’t new to the series, as it was the terrain used for the Wizard in the Heroes of Might and Magic II. This probably makes it a bit harder for heroes to walk around and will hurt the speed of the heroes. That means that you’ll probably need Pathfinding and Logistics skills to run around easily. 

new faction factory horn of the abyss

The units apparently use guns and even bombs as the only two units that can be seen for now are Headhunters and Halfling Bombers which completely fits in the steampunk/western vibe. Halfling bombers are first level unit and they look solid. Not just visually, they have 4 HP, and do 1-3 damage. This is better than Master Gremlins, as they do 1-2 damage and have the same amount of health. Master gremlins do have the advantage of a little more defense, but a bigger damage potential is still better to have though.

HoTA team didn’t show us much on the Bounty Hunter other than they look awesome, especially if you like the whole The Good, the Bad and the Ugly look. They are not too expensive at 1200 but also more expensive than quite a few towns. On the other hand, they are ranged units so the extra price compared to Unicorns, Efreet Sultans or Manticores makes sense. This is also the only Level 6 unit, other than Cyclops, that is ranged. The Bounty Hunter is probably better, since it costs 100 gold more.

new faction factory horn of the abyss
Bounty Hunters, Level 6 unit in the new faction Factory.

Generally speaking, it looks like Factory is going to be quite expensive. Apparently all that tech is going to costs you, since we can see that both towns seen in the video have more than average gold earning. The one with the city hall has 9000 gold per day, and the one with the town hall 7000 gold per day. That can mean only two things. First, this is a demo of the gameplay, and we shouldn’t pay any attention to the details like this. Alternatively they have additional structures that can provide extra earnings as the town is expensive and possibly slow to develop.

This wouldn’t be new in the HoMM series. In HoMM II for example, the Warlock (Dungeon equivalent) could build Dungeon which provided essential 500 Gold per day. If it doesn’t look much, remember that in HoMM II cities get only 1000 Gold per day.

new faction factory horn of the abyss
Hafling Bombers, Level 1 units in the new faction Factory.

These are few things you can spot if you watch the video closely. Oh, and the hero portraits look brutal. Unfortunately, we probably won’t see Factory update before the end of 2019. But I bet it will be worth the wait.

Still can’t believe that quality content like this is free. In the end, I would like to say good job to the HoTA team. Please continue with your work. We (the HoMM and HoTA community) really appreciate all the work you do. Especially since it is so good that you guys overshadowed the work the original team did.

Keep up the good work!

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