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blue milk at Disney Parks' Galaxy's Edge

Luke Skywalker: Galaxy’s Edge Blue Milk vs. Aunt Beru’s

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Disney’s theme park Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge offers a lot of the foods, drinks and treats that we saw in the movies – however, death sticks are sold under the counter and maybe you should go home and rethink your life. And out there is the blue milk that Luke Skywalker had with his breakfast.

So, of course, Mark Hamill had to try the blue milk in Galaxy’s Edge and compare it to the real thing found in Aunt Beru’s kitchen. And he shared his experience on Twitter.

The milk he’s talking about is the blue milk he drank in A New Hope, which apparently tasted like bantha droppings. And you know, this seems to happen a lot in the movies. Eating in films is often a pretty disgusting process, involving spit buckets and things that look good and taste horrible.

Please note that the green milk Luke relished in The Last Jedi was a lot better. Apparently, it was just coconut water.

Well, now we know why Luke wanted to get off of Tatooine so bad. Terrible weather, horrible neighbors and no decent breakfast foods.

Maybe the story of Star Wars was actually the story of Luke fighting for better breakfast foods in the Galaxy? And would that be a better story than the one Disney is now shoving down our throats? Maybe…

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