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Game of Thrones S08E05: Baby dragons incoming?!

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We are presented with a certain zoological dilemma: is Drogon the last dragon on Westeros or are there more? I think that in Game of Thrones S08E05 we will see that there are more three dragons, the offspring of Drogon – and in true GoT fashion, at least one of its’ recently deceased siblings. And I have at least three reasons for this suspicion.

Game of Thrones S08E05
Will we spoil Game of Thrones S08E05 for you?

Just so you know, I am not excited about this theory – if anything will be quite pissed should this turn out to be true.

Anyhow, let’s do short recap first. At the beginning of S01, we had 0 live dragons, then at the end of that season we had 3. This number persisted, at least, until S04 – at which moment, you will remember fratres, Drogon disappeared for a bit, with Daenerys being very obviously oblivious as to where it is and what’s it doing. During its absence, we see it fly over Valyria – where the old lords of Valyria used to breed them.

Drogon eventually comes back and we can say that the number of live dragons in the world is at least 3. Then Viserion bites the dust – or ice, if you prefer, and the number of live dragons’ changes to 2. And most people thought that would be that – a ride each for Jon and his auntie Dany, but in S08E04 Rhaegal dies stupidly and pointlessly, further decreasing the number of live dragons to at least 1.

This is very sad, not only because these magnificent creatures are about to go extinct again, but Drogon’s chances of having dragon sex have suddenly and drastically decreased. Unless, something interracial happens – but sadly I don’t think most people are ready to give that kind of love a chance on the silver screen.

But, as with all GoT theories, there have been some hints which indicate that we were wrong to assume that between S04 and S08, the number of live dragons on Westeros was indeed 3.

Firstly, in the intro now we can see one adult dragon, with three little baby dragons. This is not concrete evidence of anything, we can assume that the producers of the show just messed up, forgot how many dragons there in GoT, or did that just for some aesthetic reason. Or we can do the usual and see this as the Easter Egg that it is and start speculating why its there and what it means.

Secondly, right after Euron Greyjoy makes the luckiest shot in the world, thereby killing Rheagal, he makes this kinda surprised face. But not surprised as in “OMG! I can’t believe this worked and I shot it”. It was more like he Euron was saying “Fuck…” and looking ominously towards the sky. Incoming baby dragons maybe?

The third reason is even more of a stretch :), but here it goes. The producers just made too much of a point of Daenerys not knowing where her Drogon after he disappears in S04. Obviously, it was having its’ siblings’ offspring somewhere in Valyria.

What do you think? Are we going to see three little dragons ex machina in Game of Thrones S08E05?

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