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Deadpool 3: Franchise Future Still Uncertain after Disney/Fox Deal

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The director of the sequel David Leitch offered a little update concerning the status of Deadpool 3. The future of the Deadpool franchise is still uncertain regardless of Disney’s promises after the company bought Fox, and Marvel got the rights to the character back. With Ryan Reynolds having portrayed the character in a pair of fan-favorite movies so far, the deal between Fox and Disney seems to have put Deadpool on hold.

While being interviewed on the red carpet for Hobbs & Shaw, David Leitch was asked about Deadpool 3. The Leitch-helmed sequel earned over $785 million globally and set up a lot of interesting twists for the future, so Marvel fans have been waiting for any sort of update in regard to the third instalment.

“In everybody’s world, everybody wants to make it. So, if I was ever approached to make Deadpool 3, my answer would be, ‘Hell yes,’ but I think there’s a lot of things going on in the shake up with Fox and Disney and where that whole Marvel world after Endgame is gonna be,” said David Leitch. “When the dust settles, let’s hope that Deadpoool lives. That’s kind of ironic, right?”

So, Leitch has definitely not yet been approached to make Deadpool 3, but he is up to the task should the phone ring.

“I have a lot of ideas but I’m keeping them close to my vest so, if they ever come and I’m grateful enough for them to call, I can share all my crazy ideas,” Leitch said for CB.

The MCU’s post-Endgame world offers endless possibilities as a multiverse. But it remains to be seen how Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige plans to incorporate the characters previously owned by Fox – X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool. But, the plans for Deadpool 3 might be clearer after the San Diego Comic Con when Marvel Studios takes the stage.

deadpool 3

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