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Our plot is a good plot as ever was laid;

our friends true and constant:

a good plot, good friends, and full of expectation:

an excellent plot, very good friends.

–Henry IV, Part I

That is pretty much how we started; three friends plotting in the wee hours to create the most informative and best website on fantasy and fiction. Maybe the word “plot” is a bit too strong, it’s not like our end is world domination. Even if it was, we would not say it publically – that would defeat the whole point.   

We spent decades – tempus fugit, reading and rereading fantasy novels, comics, analyzing the virtues and faults of particular superheroes or villains. Or breaking into an IT magazine’s offices on a Friday, to assemble the perfect ‘puter on which to play Oblivion, in shifts, until Monday morning, when those people return to work.

We grew up on Tolkien, spent our adolescence obsessing over The Wheel of Time, laughed our asses off in Discworld and called ourselves princes of Amber. We are friends with Locke and Kvothe. We know every inn from the Wall to Dorne. From Arakis to Giedi Prime blabla bla… good time. (However, rhyming is not our strong suit.)

Anyhow, the three of us – the geeky triumvirate, decided to make the best website on fantasy and fiction on the internets! Most fantasy and fiction websites are just blogs with a few book or game reviews, expressing the opinions of basement-dwelling quasi authorities. The pickings are slim and uninteresting, and we think we can do it better.

We don’t want just to list the faults of the latest fantasy novels, or comment derisively newly released games. Don’t get us wrong, we will do all of that too – we will review the shit out of things and express our opinions as violently and as loudly as our keyboards allow. But, most importantly, we want to share our passion for all things fantastic and fictional.

However, we do not care to call ourselves authorities on any subject. We are just three guys who love to read Fantasy, play obsessively Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and Dungeons and Dragons, watch movies and argue over comic books.  

But, we think that we have a lot of interesting stuff to say. Feel free to look around and enjoy. And if you don’t think that we are interesting,  or that this is the best website on fantasy and fiction in the Multiverse, please comment and we will promptly and cordially tell you to go fuck yourself.


The Geeks of Might and Magic