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2018 nebula awards winners

2018 Nebula Awards Winners – Or who won the geek Oscar’s

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22018 nebula awards winners

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) announced the 2018 Nebula Awards winners on Saturday 18 May 2019. As you know, for geeks, this is pretty much like the Oscar’s – if not more important, since this is the list from which we are gonna choose what we are going to read in 2019.

Before we get to the winners, let’s take a stroll through memory lane. Earlier this year there were allegations that a Facebook group devoted to self-publishing, “20Booksto50k” may have promoted slate voting to influence this year’s ballot. The SFWA Board released a statement March 1, 2019 in response to those allegations stating:

[We] would like to make it clear that the organization frowns on any attempt to manipulate our Nebula Awards nomination and final ballot processes which includes logrolling and slate campaigns.

With that bit of controversy out of the way, here are the 2018 Nebula Awards winners.


WinnerThe Calculating Stars, Mary Robinette Kowal (Tor)

The Poppy War, R.F. Kuang (Harper Voyager US; Harper Voyager UK)

Blackfish City, Sam J. Miller (Ecco; Orbit UK)

Spinning Silver, Naomi Novik (Del Rey; Macmillan)

Witchmark, C.L. Polk ( Publishing)

Trail of Lightning, Rebecca Roanhorse (Saga)


WinnerThe Tea Master and the Detective, Aliette de Bodard (Subterranean)

Fire Ant, Jonathan P. Brazee (Semper Fi)

The Black God’s Drums, P. Djèlí Clark ( Publishing)

Alice Payne Arrives, Kate Heartfield ( Publishing)

Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach, Kelly Robson ( Publishing)

Artificial Condition, Martha Wells ( Publishing)


WinnerThe Only Harmless Great Thing, Brooke Bolander ( Publishing)

“The Last Banquet of Temporal Confections”, Tina Connolly ( 7/11/18)

“An Agent of Utopia”, Andy Duncan (An Agent of Utopia)

“The Substance of My Lives, the Accidents of Our Births”, José Pablo Iriarte (Lightspeed 1/18)

“The Rule of Three”, Lawrence M. Schoen (Future Science Fiction Digest 12/18)

“Messenger”, Yudhanjaya Wijeratne & R.R. Virdi (Expanding Universe, Volume 4)

Short Story

Winner: “The Secret Lives of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington”, Phenderson Djèlí Clark (Fireside2/18)

“Interview for the End of the World”, Rhett Bruno (Bridge Across the Stars)

“Going Dark”, Richard Fox (Backblast Area Clear)

“And Yet”, A.T. Greenblatt (Uncanny 3-4/18)

“A Witch’s Guide to Escape: A Practical Compendium of Portal Fantasies”, Alix E. Harrow (Apex 2/6/18)

“The Court Magician”, Sarah Pinsker (Lightspeed 1/18)

Game Writing

Winner: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Charlie Brooker (House of Tomorrow & Netflix)

God of War, Matt Sophos, Richard Zangrande Gaubert, Cory Barlog (Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The Martian Job, M. Darusha Wehm (Choice of Games)

Rent-A-Vice, Natalia Theodoridou (Choice of Games)

The Road to Canterbury, Kate Heartfield  (Choice of Games)


WinnerSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Black Panther

Dirty Computer

The Good Place: “Jeremy Bearimy”

Sorry to Bother You

A Quiet Place


WinnerChildren of Blood and Bone, Tomi Adeyemi (Henry Holt; Macmillan)

Aru Shah and the End of Time, Roshani Chokshi (Rick Riordan Presents)

A Light in the Dark, A.K. DuBoff  (BDL)

Tess of the Road, Rachel Hartman (Random House)

Dread Nation, Justina Ireland (Balzer + Bray)

Peasprout Chen: Future Legend of Skate and Sword, Henry Lien (Henry Holt)

The Kevin O’Donnell Jr Award for Service to SFWA went to Lee Martindale. The Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award went to Neil Clarke and Nisi Shawl. The Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award went to William Gibson.


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